• Reflections Creative Therapies Group is a private therapy practice of specially trained dedicated therapists committed to helping children, teens, adults and families, achieve transformation in their life.

    We would like to introduce ourselves and the work we do. We are relational creative expressive therapists.

    It is our mission to bring each client compassionate, openhearted, and non-judgmental professional counselling in order to reach your individual goals. We focus on creating a calm, safe environment that facilitates transformation using best therapeutic practices. Please explore the site and contact us with your unique needs.

    Healing is in the process.

    Our work together is part of your process in truly changing your old patterns and giving up your limitations that have been getting in the way of living your best and most healthy life. We want you to have the family ‘you have always dreamed of’… a life you create. Together, we safely explore and discover the best creative tools to achieve that.

    We honor you, for taking the first step into achieving an authentic life for yourself and your loved ones. We are rightfully entitled to a life of validity and expression. Congratulations for beginning the journey!

    You have taken the first step… Let’s take action!

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