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  • Holistic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Boynton Beach and Wellington, FL

    Holistic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Boynton Beach and Wellington, FL

    Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Do you feel like negative thoughts and harmful behaviors are holding you back from living your best life? If so, it may be time to seek help. At Reflections Creative Therapies Group in Boynton Beach and Wellington, Florida, we believe in holistic approaches to therapy that address the mind, body, and spirit. Among the many therapeutic modalities, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy stands out as an effective approach for addressing a variety of mental health concerns.

    What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, abbreviated as CBT, is an evidence-based psychotherapy method that focuses on identifying and challenging negative thought patterns and behaviors. It is rooted in the understanding that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected, and by changing one, we can positively influence the others.

    How Does CBT Therapy Work?

    CBT therapy at Reflections Creative Therapies Group is straightforward. First, you’ll work with your therapist to identify the harmful or irrational thoughts that are contributing to your distressing emotions and behaviors. Once we’ve gotten to the root of the issue, you’ll challenge and reframe these negative thoughts, replacing them with more realistic and adaptive alternatives. CBT also emphasizes behavioral interventions, where clients learn new coping skills and strategies to modify unhelpful behaviors.

    Lasting Change Can Be Achieved Here

    If you’re ready to challenge negative thought patterns, develop healthier coping strategies, and achieve lasting change with CBT therapy, reach out to Reflections Creative Therapies Group today. We have offices in Boynton Beach and Wellington. Whichever location you choose, our team can’t wait to support you on your mental health journey.