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  • Groups and Workshops

    Groups and Workshops

    Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy where a small group of individuals, typically led by a trained therapist, come together regularly to explore and address common concerns, challenges, and goals. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to connect with others who may be facing similar struggles, providing validation, empathy, and encouragement. At Reflections Creative Therapies Group, this is one of the many mental health services we offer for residents of Boynton Beach and Wellington, Florida.

    The Benefits of Group Therapy

    Group therapy is a powerful tool. Groups offer you the opportunity to grow and learn about yourself through the lens of others creating a feeling of universality, connections, and hope. We believe that through the support and interactions you will experience with other group members you will feel connected to others who are going through a similar life stage or who are experiencing similar challenges.

    For children, groups provide a great opportunity to improve social skills and behaviors, express themselves creatively in a supportive environment, and be part of a community.

    Group therapy can be especially important for teens because many individuals tend to isolate at that age. Groups provide a protective factor and a community of same-age support that can help them through difficult transitions and traumas. Through these sessions with peers, adolescents see and hear that they are not alone.

    Adults also benefit from group therapy. It may facilitate healing from relationships that once wounded them, allowing them to access parts of themselves that may have been trapped beneath the surface. It may provide much-needed accountability for those who struggle with substance abuse. It can help families build a healthier family unit.

    Group therapy can seem intimidating because of the level of vulnerability it takes to open up to more than one person. However, in a group setting you will see how transformative it can be to feel supported by others, be understood, and not feel alone. It can be very powerful to share your feelings with others who have “been there” or are going through similar life events now. You can improve social skills, relationships, self-esteem, and identity development by sharing and participating in groups.

    Group Therapy at Reflections Creative Therapies

    Every practice has a different approach. For example, group therapy sessions may include psychoeducational components to provide participants with information and tools to better understand and manage their concerns. At Reflections Creative Therapies Group, our therapists often integrate experiential modalities such as art therapy, sand tray therapy, and psychodrama to enhance the therapeutic process and promote deeper healing. We are now scheduling for the following groups:

    If you’re ready to experience connection, support, and growth in a group setting, we invite you to join our group therapy sessions at Reflections Creative Therapies Group. Contact us today to learn more! Our offices are conveniently located in Boynton Beach and Wellington.