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  • Infant Mental Health 0 – 3

    Infant Mental Health 0 – 3

    Therapy can be helpful to more than just adults, adolescents, and children. Many times we take for granted the importance of healthy relationships in infancy and we overlook how vital early play with caregivers can be for mental health and development.

    Through “First Play Therapy”, you will learn how to use simple storytelling in combination with nurturing therapeutic activities in order to foster a more bonded relationship with your infant. It has been proven that the bond between parents and infants increases security, willingness to take direction, and aids in cooperation and attachment into childhood and adolescence.

    Caring touch and storytelling creates intimacy and releases the hormone oxytocin which is known to reduce stress and improve sleep. You can start your child’s therapeutic journey by encouraging a healthy bond and relationship with their caregivers first.

    Please reach out to us, we have specially trained clinicians passionate about assisting you and your child.