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  • Denise Chin, LCSW

    Denise Chin, LCSW

    Hello, I am Denise Chin. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with children, teens, adults. I help individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, grief/loss and trauma. One of my goals is to help others successfully deal with pain or distress, moving forward with hope & living the life that they want! I also believe in the healing that comes through the therapeutic process. I utilize various therapy approaches (experiential, expressive, talk therapy) in my work.

    What Led Me To Becoming A Therapist

    Interestingly when I first went to university, I thought that I would study Chemistry. As some time passed, I realized that the work that fulfills me most is the work that involves helping others. I value people and their well-being – this is one of my core values. I personally also have had to deal with & overcome challenges in my own life. I believe that as humans we have a lot more in common than different.

    What I want for you during our sessions

    When first working with you, building the relationship is important as well as getting to know you, your concerns, history, your resources, strengths and your goals. I aim to provide a space in which you can freely express your thoughts, feelings & share your experiences. My hope would be for you to achieve healing through the therapeutic process as well as gain tools to deal with life’s challenges and that lead to desired change.

    My education

    I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master of Social Work (MSW) from Florida International University. I have worked in the mental health and social work field over 22+ years. I have had a lot of experience in the non-profit world, including having management responsibilities and serving families with children, teens, adults & seniors. I believe in continued learning, training, self-study and consultation. I plan to continue further training in Sand Tray Therapy, Play Therapy & Psychodrama. I have been involved with Psychodrama training for over 4 years. I have also co-facilitated support groups for over 17 years. My colleague and I have started a Parent Support Group series here at Reflections Creative Therapies (RCT).