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  • Jessica Fernandez, RCSWI

    Jessica Fernandez, RCSWI

     Hello, I am Jessica Fernandes and currently a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern eligible for licensure in the State of Florida,  working with children, teens, and adults. I help provide a safe space and environment for those in search of feeling seen and heard, specifically children. I specialize in the use of Play therapy,  Sand Tray and Acceleration Resolution Therapy  (A.R.T) which focuses on helping people with PTSD, grief, depression, addiction and or phobias of any kind. When working with teens or adults, my approach is to work together to provide tools and strategies that will work for each individual and help you create a life of purpose. .

    In addition, I have worked with children struggling with ADHD, ODD, depression and anxiety. In my sessions with families, I use behavioral management coupled with parenting strategies to improve the overall parent/child relationship. I utilized evidenced-based techniques to help clients and their families develop confidence and healthy relationship skills. I provide services in English and Spanish.

    What Led Me To Becoming a Therapist

    As a child of divorced parents, I can remember the struggles I experienced as a child, teenager, and young adult. From an early age, attending therapy was part of my story.  During therapy, I was more receptive to a different perspective and felt empowered by the fact that someone outside of my family saw me for who I was as a person and individual. Therapy helped me grow and see situations differently than I otherwise would have. Eventually, therapy became an invaluable tool on my journey to self-discovery and self-determination. My passion is to give back all that I have learned and pass it along to others who may also need a neutral and supportive space to be seen and heard.

    What I want for you during our session

    During our sessions, you can expect I offer a safe, empathetic, non-judgmental  space for exploration.  I want you to feel comfortable discussing anything with me. I want you to feel hopeful and empowered by the tools and strategies we discuss in accomplishing goals. I want you to feel like you’re on a path of reaching your full potential and to discover the inner strength that resides within all of us. Most of all, I want you to feel a general sense of wellbeing and acceptance.