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  • Lisa Kimbrell, EMDR & Gottman trained

    Lisa Kimbrell, EMDR & Gottman trained

    Hello! I am Lisa Kimbrell, a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in KY and provisionally Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of FL. I work well with adults, specifically women, couples and parents, as well as young adults and adolescents. I am experienced in helping those with anxiety, depression, ADHD, low self-esteem and poor self-image, relationship problems, and those experiencing major life transitions and career uncertainty. I am an encourager, and I love to help people of all different types recognize and realize their own potential and power. I have very specific expertise in helping parents navigate special education with students with challenges as well as those who are gifted.

    What Led Me To Becoming A Therapist

    As a younger woman, I became an educator and school counselor. Near the end of my career in education, I decided that I wasn’t quite finished helping others, as it’s my life’s passion to do that. I entered the mental health field to continue my journey of facilitating growth and healing. I’ve been blessed in my life to overcome domestic violence, times of extreme difficulty, grief, abandonment, and stress, so I know others can do it as well. I simply act as a resource for information, support, guide, sounding board, and cheerleader while I reflect back what is shared with me in a way that allows a client and me to navigate specific circumstances together. I value the opportunity to hold space for others as they overcome and learn their own lessons, which they are then able to pass along to others. It is meaningful and important work, and I am honored to be a part of the lives of those who choose me to work with them.

    What I want for you during our sessions

    I am committed to being honest and encouraging, and helping clients to be accountable to themselves. I speak directly and openly about any issue that is blocking peace, happiness or success. We will explore issues thoroughly to make certain you have as much information as necessary to make the best decision possible within your given circumstances. My goal is always for you to reach your goal in a healthy, lasting way.

    My education

    I am a life-long learner with a Master’s in counseling from Western Kentucky University as well as certification in school leadership. I am trained in EMDR and the Gottman research based approach to relationships. As a retired educator of 26 years, I have unique expertise in school related issues from the perspective of adolescents and young adults as well as parents, with specific regard to issues surrounding IEPs or 504 plans.