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  • Victoria Passarelli, MS, RMHCI

    Victoria Passarelli, MS, RMHCI

    Hi, I am Victoria Passarelli! There are times where life can become challenging. Do we want to give up? Do we participate in unhelpful coping skills? Who do we turn to? These are some questions that I help my clients overcome. Therapy is utilized as an outlet for growth and success when obstacles become too overwhelming. My goal is to help you heal at your pace and transform into who you want to become. I utilize different approaches based on my clients needs that include play therapy, sand tray, expressive arts, TF-CBT, solution focused, along with traditional talk therapy.

    What Led Me to Becoming a Therapist

    When I was in middle school and high school I was always the person that others came to for advice. I have also experienced my own struggles and it wasn’t until a therapist helped me through my obstacles. Once I transitioned into college, I realized that mental health became more of a major concern which is when I wanted to pursue this career. It has always been my ambition to participate in the wellness of others. Naturally, I am inclined to help others and I empathize with those who are experiencing life challenges.

    What I Want For You During Our Session

    Every client is unique and has goals tailored to their needs. However, working with clients is collaborative along with meeting clients where they are at. Goals that are created are “SMART” goals that include specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. This style of goal setting is implemented for clients to achieve their goals without having the feeling of failing. Therapy is utilized as an outlet for growth and success when obstacles become too overwhelming. I provide a space that is safe for clients to share their experiences without judgment.

    My Education

    I have my Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in criminal justice from Florida Atlantic University. In order to further my expertise, I obtained a Masters degree in clinical mental health counseling at Nova Southeastern University. My clinical training includes diagnosis formulation along with the creation of biopsychosocial and treatment planning. My training includes a diverse clientele such as working individually with children, teens, young adults, late adults, elders, the ASD population, and addiction. I have facilitated group therapy with elders, children, adults, addiction, and the ASD population. I have worked in therapy centers, school settings along with substance use treatment centers. In working with children and families, I believe it is important to have parenting training. I work with mental health concerns that include but are not limited to anxiety, personality disorders, trauma, schizophrenia, conduct disorders, ADHD, depression, bipolar, and self-esteem.